Is there such thing as fishing in the river?




Yes there are such things as fishing in the rivers. Some of the most great looking fish and largest fish have been caught in the rivers. There are laws and regualtions however on how many fish you can catch and when you can go fishing, but you are allowed in the rivers to catch. Some rivers though are off limit. You aren't allowed to fish in some of the rivers. Other ones though you are allowed but you still are needed to have a fishing permit for that river you are wanting to fish from or a lisence for fishing anywhere and everywhere. Always though have another person with you when you go fishing either at rivers, lakes, or the seas. It can be very dangerous if you dont know how the weather is going to be and how the water temperature is feeling that day. However, in the rivers you can even catch some of the largest salmons out there, especially during the January and February time of the year.






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