Is fishing more of a hobby or source of food?



Fishing is known more as a hobby then a source of food. That is because just because most people are fishing to eat the fish afterwards, they most likely aren't going to fish and right after they catch a fish they are going to eat it. they do it to waste time someting they enjoy to do for their spare time. Fishing is a unique hobby that not most people enjoy, but for those who do have the heart and passion for it and they put their whole time and energy to it. Some even wake up as early as possible to catch some of the best fish out there that only out when it's very early. To eat the fish you catch are hardly taken place these days. We do the fishing with pleasure and love for the sport. Just like your hobby may be reading, this person instead of thinking getting a book out to read he thinks of fishing. Many people these days enjoy it, but not that known yet.





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