What kind of fish can you catch in the river?



Fish that you can catch in the river vary from different types and shapes. One of the most common fish that are cought in the river is the red drum fish. This fish is one of the most flattest and softest fish. These fish tails swimm as low to the ground as they can but their tails is sticking out of the water. Another fish that you can catch in the river is the Black drum fish. These fish unlike the red drum fish this drum fish is cought in the deep areas of the river. They are very strong and can get threw anything. Snooks, however, are another commonly fish that are found in the rivers. These particular fish are strong but are also very fast moving fish. They are tend to be found around shaded or rocky areas of the river, mainly the Indian River. The spotted seatrout is another common fish caught in the rivers. They like to hit anything that moves, anywhere in the river. However, the Jack Crevalle fish are very hard to catch because they will run especially when they are hungry and they dont think of anything else but food. These fish love to be in rivers near schools. The tarpon is a powerful fish. They are very huge and strong. However, they only are around during the spring and fall time. Last but not least, the other most common fish that is found in the rivers, is the Ladyfish. This fish is very carring fish that just doesn't care and know anything. Don't let their largness fool you the name of this fish explains the fish itself. However, they know how to protect themselves and fight other fish. Other fish like the little ones can learn a lot. Not many types of fish found in the river, but too many of the same ones everywhere.






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